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Should I Treat Myself?

Many homeopathic and herbal remedies are available over the counter. In addition, information on treating illness with natural medicine can easily be found in books and on the internet. So why not treat yourself? Here are 10 reasons you should reconsider treating yourself and visit Dr. Lawton instead. She can:

1. Offer expert advice. With 8 years of medical education and 15 years experience in successfully treating others with your condition, I know how to help you.

2. Save you money and frustration. That's right. After reading some books or talking to a store clerk or neighbor, people come in after spending hundreds of dollars on a shopping bag of supplements they really don't need. They may come in with 15 bottles, but really need only three. The well-meaning "medical sources" just don't have the medical education and experience to specifically direct the treatment.

3. Offer cautions about the individual herbs and vitamins. I can advise you as to which herbs or vitamins can be taken for a few weeks or for a few months. Some herbs and supplements, if taken too long, can lose effectiveness or can start to cause adverse effects to the body. The adverse effects that have occurred with herbs involved people treating themselves and not realizing that they were often misusing the herbs.

4. Help you avoid potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drug/herb interactions.

5. Access the most current scientific information worldwide on natural medicine on your medical condition.

6. Direct your medical care so that one to three visits are all you will need to significantly improve your medical condition.

7. Supply only quality brands of herbs and vitamins - and at a discount. You wouldn't go to a drugstore and buy 45% strength Allegra for your allergies, but many go to stores that are selling products that according to consumer reports contain 45% or less than the amounts of vitamins and herbs stated on the bottle. They are puzzled that the herbs or vitamins don't work. Herbs and vitamins aren't regulated to the same extent that pharmaceuticals are. It's important to have a good source that will do the job they are intended.

8. Order proper lab work if necessary. As a naturopathic physician, I can order the proper lab work to either tell us what's wrong or to tell us how well the treatment is working.

9. Prescribe over 300 conventional drugs in the rare circumstances when it is needed.

10. Provide excellent care - Since being a naturopathic physician is what I do for a living, I work hard to make a positive difference in my patient's health.

Most important of all, your life and health are too important for you to experiment on.

So, treat your colds and flus, but for more serious problems, rely on Dr. Lawton.


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