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These are actual testimonials from our patients.
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After suffering with chronic kidney infections for 10 years I had become allergic to nearly all the antibiotics that were effective. My condition was complicated by Anorexia, a condition I denied having. I was often unable to stand up straight due to kidney pain and was nearing a complete breakdown. The physical and emotional changes I've experienced literally saved my life.
- female patient

My sweet, shy daughter struggled through 1st and 2nd grades. By the 3rd grade, the problem was severe. She was unable to complete her work or follow simple directions. She had difficulty speaking coherently, drifting off the subject or repeating sentences. She was miserable. After four separate evaluations, she was diagnosed with ADD. While I didn't believe in labeling a child, I couldn't ignore the painful symptoms that were ruining my daughter's life. We tried medication without success. Desperate, I turned to naturopathic medicine for help. My daughter is now in the fourth grade and was recently nominated for the Talented and Gifted Program. I never dreamed this could happen. She glows with self-confidence! I tell this story to anyone who will listen.
- female patient

I have chronic insomnia, and had been taking a prescription sleeping pill (Ambien) for almost 3 years and couldn't sleep without it. I began taking some prescribed herbs as a sleep aid and cut back on the prescription until I was totally drug-free. I only need the herbal supplement in extreme cases now, but don't mind taking it because there are no side effects.
- female patient

I sought treatment from Dr. Lawton because of problems arising from an ovarian cyst, which included pain, irregular periods and excessive bleeding, as well as complexion problems resulting from my hormones being "out of whack." My regular physician could only offer surgery or synthetic hormones. Dr. Lawton recommended a specially-prepared herbal tea, castor oil packs and some relatively minor dietary changes. Three months later, I am happy to say that my periods are almost back to normal, pain is very rare and my complexion is dramatically improved. I am delighted with the results!
- female patient

Let me start with K. He is doing great. He started with repetitive ear infections. It was suggested that we see an ENT. While they did some hearing tests... the answer to have surgery and insert tubes just seemed way to easy for them to say. We looked for a better solution. After coming to you, Dr. Lawton, we removed K from dairy products, reduced sugar intake, picked up soy milk, and placed him on the tincture as you recommended. He didn't have any further ear infections. In fact, we went to a different ENT doctor, and he stated that K's hearing was just fine. In my opinion, it was a miracle, saving my child an unnecessary surgery. Thank you very much for your expertise. He's a happy four, almost five, year old.
- from the child's father

Stressful events in my life resulted in abdominal pain, burning, and an inability to eat regular meals. I lost significant weight and my total health and lifestyle was compromised. My MD prescribed an anti-acid pill to no avail. I received stress management counseling which helped a little, but I still was in pain. I agreed to see a ND (what did I have to lose?) and skeptically followed my prescribed regimen. Within 1-2 weeks of treatment, I was markedly improved. I also noticed coincidental improvements in my skin. Three months later, I feel great! I strongly encourage anyone who is frustrated with Western Medicine to give Naturopathy a try.
- female patient -


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