Small Cuts and Scrapes

Small Cuts and Scrapes

The first thing to do with small cuts and scrapes is to stop the bleeding. Generally this can be accomplished by firmly pressing the wounded area with a clean cloth for 1-3 minutes. Then clean the area thoroughly with soap and water making sure to remove all foreign material such as bits of stone and dirt.
A good disinfectant soap will accomplish the same result as alcohol and be less painful. Then consider the following:
1. Calendula ointment. Calendula has both anti-bacterial and healing properties. It allows the skin to heal faster. For the first day or two, squeeze out a small amount onto the wound with or without a bandage.
2. Sage - in powdered herb form put into the bandage is helpful if the bleeding persists.

Puncture Wounds

Then consider:

1. Check to see when the injured person's last tetanus shot was, especially if the object that caused the puncture was a nail or needle.
2. The homeopathic remedies Ledum (for punctures) and Hypericum (for upward shooting pain) are very useful. Use any potency (strength) from 6X or 6C to 30X or 30C.