You can treat 1st and some 2nd degree burns safely. Never treat a 3rd degree burn.

First-degree burns such as a sunburn are red and painful. The skin whitens when you press down. Critical levels (when to see a doctor) are if 75% of the body is affected and if the person is vomiting or listless, or if it is a chemical burn that is not responding to water.

Second degree burns are deeper burns - they affect more skin layers. You will usually see blister formation. Check with a doctor if the face or genitals are blistering.

Treatment: Immerse in cool water - no ice, for 10 minutes. This reduces heat, pain, and inflammation and prevents the burn from affecting any deeper skin layers. If the skin is unbroken, use the herb aloe vera gel. If the skin is broken, use a Calendula ointment.

Be careful not to contaminate the container by double-dipping. For pain, with or without blistering use the homeopathic remedies Cantharis and Urtica urens. Both are remarkable in how quickly they will reduce the pain - often in a minute or two. If there are blisters, then get some Hypericum tincture and run it over the blister. Be gentle so that you do not break the blister.