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Algae-based Omega Supplements - Very high quality vegan Omega source in the UK
Relaxation tapes and CDs - soothing choral music for healers from Robert G. Farrell who says, "Most of my tapes carry a sticker stating that this music is for relaxation only. If this music helps the body to heal and balance itself, then all the better."

Hamilton Healthcare company 503 760 2092
Allergy and chemical injury consultant. Rosyln Hamilton.
Newsletter, meetings and products.

La Leche League
La Leche League (Oregon sites)
Mothers for Natural Law   A group that gathers signatures to support a law requiring labels on all genetically engineered food because of possible environmental and health risks from these foods.
Plankton For Health
Naturopathic Physicians Online
Naturopathic Medical Network
Natural Healers  A site for people interested in studying the healing arts professionally
Homeopathy Home
Sick Building Syndrome
Positive Health - magazine site with links and resources
HERBAL HALL, the one and only. - warning: you need a java enabled browser to fully appreciate this site. This site is for those more interested in plant recognition that medical use.
HEALTHY NET Despite its commercialism, this site does give useful information about the use of herbs to treat disease. The consumer needs to be cautious about some of the formulas. There is little mention of counterindications - i.e. when a specific herb would be inappropriate.
HERB SOCIETY (U.K.) (quality articles for the novice): Look at how the Europeans use herbal medicine.
Henrietta Kresses Herbal Homepage. Probably one of the best herbal webpages around, stuffed full of interesting articles and links.

Mercury-free dentists - this site has a national listing

Cancer Treatment Center of America is a group of hospitals that treat cancers with both conventional and naturopathic medicine.


Environmental Building Supplies

Homemade soap with natural moisturizers. Good for people with allergies - Huffaker Farms

An increasing number of organic and natural products are now available at Trader Joes. Most stores are located on the West and East coasts, but the chain is growing rapidly.


Bastyr University

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

National College of Naturopathic Medicine



American Association of Naturopathic Physicians


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