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  Live Right for your Blood Type
By Peter D'Adamo, ND
By Barbara Rolls and Robert Barnett
Eat Fat, Be Healthy  
By Matthew J. Bayan
  Dr. Atkins NEW Diet Revolution
By Robert C. Atkins, MD
The Overweight Child - Promoting Fitness and Self-Esteem
By Teresa Pitman and Miriam Kaufman, MD
The People's Pharmacy Guide to Home and Herbal Remedies
By Joe Graedon and Teresa Graedon
  The Dance of Anger
By Harriet Lerner, PhD

The Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program
Drs. Richard and Rachael Heller
Dr. Judith Orloff's Guide to Intuitive Healing
Judith Orloff, M.D.
  Your Drug May Be Your Problem How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications, By Peter R. Breggin, MD and David Cohen, PhD
Women's Moods
By Deborah Sichel, MD and Jeanne Watson Driscoll, MS, RN, CS.
Fight Fat After Forty By Pamela Peeke, MD
  Eating Well for Optimum Health The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition, By Andrew Weil
Doctor Mom's Quick Reference Guide to Natural Healthcare at Home
By Kathy Duerr
Senior's Guide to PAIN-FREE LIVING
All-Natural Drug-Free Relief for Everything That Hurts
By Doug Dollemore and Prevention
  The American Vegetarian Cookbook
By Marilyn Diamond

Syndrome X
Overcoming the Silent Killer that can give you a Heart Attack
By Gerald Reaven, Terry Strom and Barry Fox
Unmasking Male Depression
By Archibald D. Hart
  Love & Survival
The Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy
By Dean Ornish, MD

Losing It
American's Obsession with Weight and the Industry That Feeds on It
By Laura Fraser
The Hot Flash Cookbook
By Cathy Luchetti
(Forward by Risa Kagan, M.D.)
  Genetically Engineered Food
Changing the Nature of Nature
By Martin Tietel, Ph.D. and Kimberly A. Wilson

Sleeping Soundly
Understanding and treating sleep disorders
By Dr. Antonio Ambrogetti
Outsmarting Female Fatigue
Eight Energizing Strategies for Lifelong Vitality
By Debra Waterhouse
  Fast Food Nation
The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
By Eric Schlosser
Stealth Health
How to Sneak Nutrition Painlessly Into Your Diet
By Evelyn Tribole

Making Them Pay
How to Get the Most from Health Insurance and Managed Care
By Rhonda D. Orin
  The Optimistic Child
A revolutionary Program That Safeguards Children Against Depression & Builds Lifelong Resilience
By Martin Seligman
  Dressed to Kill
The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras
By Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer
The Taste that Kills
By Russell L. Blaylock
Asthma Survival
The Holistic Medical Treatment Program for Asthma
By Robert S. Ivker, D.O. and Todd Nelson, N.D.

Why Women Live Longer Than Men
…and What Men Can Learn from Them
By Royda Crose, Ph.D.
Ritalin Free Kids
Safe and effective Homeopathic Medicine for ADD
and other Behavioral and Learning Problems
By Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman
Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks
By Julian Whitaker

  Living with Anxiety
A Clinically-Tested Step-By-Step Plan for Drug-Free Management
By Bob Montgomery Ph.D. and Laurel Morris Ph.D.
Successful Aging
The MacArthur Foundation Study shows you how the lifestyle choices you make now - more than - heredity - determine your health and vitality
By John W. Rowe, MD and Robert L. Kahn, Ph.D.
  The Force Program
The Proven Way to Fight Cancer
Through Physical Activity and Exercise
By Jeff Berman, Fran Fleegler, M.D., and John Hanc
The Dance of Connection
How to Talk to Someone When Your're Mad, Hurt, Scared, Frustrated, Insulted, Betrayed, or Desperate
by Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations
by Sephanie Cave, M.D.
  The Glucose Revolution
The Authoritative Guide to THE GLYCEMIC INDEX
Jennie Brand-Miller Ph.D., Thomas Wolever, MD, Ph.D., Stephen Colagiuri, MD and Kaye Foster-Powell, MS.
Natural Medicine First Aid Remedies
Self-care treatments for 100+ common conditions
Stephanie Marohn
Surviving Male Menopause
A Guide for Women and Men
By Jed Diamond

Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health
By Susan Roberts, PhD and Melvin Heyman, MD
Healing From the Heart
A Leading Heart Surgeon Explores the Power of Complementary Medicine
By Mehmet Oz, M.D.

  Hormone Replacement Therapy - Yes or No
How to make an informed decision about Estrogen, Progesterone & other Strategies for Dealing with APMS, Menopause and Osteoporosis
By Betty Kamen
Eating Disorders
Opposing Views
Opposing Viewpoints Series
The DASH Diet for Hypertension
Lower Your Blood Pressure in 14 Days - Without Drugs
Thomas Moore, MD, Laura Svetkey, MD, Pao-Hwa Lin, PhD, Njeri Karanja, PhD with Mark Jenkins
  Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy
The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating
By Walter C. Willett, M.D.

Food and Our Bones
The Natural Way to Prevent Osteoporosis
By Annemarie Colbin
  Arthritis Action Program
An Integrated Plan of Traditional and Complementary Therapies
By Michael E. Weinblatt, M.D.

Healthy Parents, Better Babies
A Couple's Guide to Natural Preconception Heath Care
By Francesca Naish and Janette Roberts
(The Crossing Press, Freedom, California 1999)

Get Skinny The Smart Way
A Revolutionary Approach to Winning the Diet War Forever
By Annette B. Natow, Ph.D., R.D. and Jo-Ann Heslin, M.A., R.D.

The Case Against the Drug Companies
By Jay S. Cohen, M.D.

  1,001 Delicious Desserts
for People with Diabetes

By Sue Spitler

Foods that Heal
Prevent or Reverse More Than 100 Common Ailments
Maureen Salaman
  Headache Survival
The Holistic Medical Treatment Program for Migraine, Tension, and Cluster Headaches
Robert S. Ivker, D.O. and Todd Nelson, ND

Overcoming Allergies
Dr. Christina Scott-Moncrieff

  Type 2 Diabetes in Teens
Jean Betschart-Roemer, M.S.N., C.P.N.P., and C.D.E.

The Soy Solution for Menopause
The Estrogen Alternative
Machelle Siebel, M.D.

  The New Integrative Approach to Fibromyalgia
How to Combine the Best of Traditional and Alternative Therapies
Milton Hammerly, M.D.

Out of the Darkened Room
When a Patent is Depressed: Protecting the Children and Strengthening the Family

William R. Beardslee, M.D.

  Depression and Natural Medicine
A Nutritional Approach to
Depression and Mood Swings
By Rita Elkins

The Metabolic Typing Diet
By William L. Wolcott with Trish Fahey

Migraine Headaches
And the Foods You eat
Agnes Peg Hartnell, EdD, RD
G. Scott Tyler, MD

The Miracle of Magnesium
Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.

  Healing Fibroids
A Doctor's Guide to a Natural Cure
Allan Warshowsky, M.D. and Elena Oumano, PhD.

Asperger Syndrome and Adolescence
Helping Preteens and Teens Get Ready for the Real World
Teresa Bolick, PhD.

The Schwarzbein Principle II: The Transition
Diana Schwarzbein, MD

Sorting Out the Sugars
Dr. Juniper Martin

  Childhood Depression and Natural Medicine
Dr. Juniper Martin

Straight Talk about Your Child's Mental Health
By Dr. Stephen V. Faraone

The Everything Menopause Book
Ramona Slupik, MD


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