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A Medical Guide to Bioterrorism

How You Can Protect Yourself
Using Conventional and
Natural Medicine

By Dr. Suzanne C. Lawton

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, people have become increasingly concerned about the threat of biological and chemical warfare and how they can best prepare for it. The outbreak of war in Iraq has heightened this concern.

I wrote the Medical Guide to Bioterrorism to help people understand how these diseases work and what treatments are available in the event of an attack.

The Guide reports on the diseases and toxins experts believe are most likely to be spread through biological and chemical warfare:

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Clostridium perfringens toxins
Congo-crimean hemorrhagic fever
Ebola hemorrhagic fever
Nerve agents (mustards, chlorine, and phosgene)
Q fever
Rift valley fever

For each disease, you'll learn which symptoms to look for and whether preventive measures are available. I report on the current conventional treatments as well as treatments using herbal and homeopathic medications. I've included information on how diseases such as small pox were successfully treated before the introduction of modern vaccines.

About the author:

Dr. Lawton, a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, has been practicing classical homeopathy for fifteen years. The information in this Guide is based on research which she presented in a seminar before the Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians in November, 2001.

In addition to her family practice, she directs homeopathic study groups, teaches a series of naturopathic workshops at Portland-area colleges and continues to study under internationally renowned homeopathic physicians.

While most extensively trained in classical homeopathy, Dr. Lawton also uses botanicals, nutrition and hydrotherapy as healing modalities.

Dr. Lawton's website is

Why do we need this information

In the event of widespread infection, it has been reported that there may be insufficent medications or medical personnel to treat our population. Natural medicine can provide an important adjunct to conventional treatments.

Fortunately, botanical and homeopathic remedies can be purchased now and stored as part of a first aid kit. Most require no prescription.

What the Medical Guide Gives You

The Medical Guide includes detailed information on how to properly use herbal and homeopathic medications. I describe specific homeopathic remedies and herbal preparations. This guide even gives the exact formulations (with measurements) for the herbal medications, information no botanical company will share on a label.

In the Guide, I cover general questions such as:

I have been taking antibiotics recently and have heard that they can make me more susceptible to infections. What should I do?
Should I buy a gas mask?
If I think I'm infected, how do I get tested?
How can I prevent other family members from contracting a contagious disease?
What preventive/protective measures can I take when taking care of an infected person?
What if I shower or bathe in contaminated water?
How do we strengthen our immune systems?

I've also included numerous helpful lists and reference sources, including:

A disease identification chart.
The CDC precautions for dealing with infected patients.
A glossary of medical terms.
Sources of quality botanical and homeopathic products.
Useful web links for additional resources.

Here's what buyers are saying:

"Most of the information I got from the internet just scared the heck out of me. I wanted information on how to prepare and your book provides that information. As a result, I feel more in control." TS - Pennsylvania

"These are sad and scary times, so I'm grateful for the level-headed, clear information you are offering." DM - Portland, OR

"This is an excellent report. I'm going to tell as many people as I can about it." TM - Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

"I received my book in Tuesday afternoon's mail. Thank you! This is great, and you did a good job. I'm a Registered Nurse, have taught in an RN program, and find that I'm leaning more and more to alternative medicine." DF - Texas

To purchase this Guide:

There is a modest fee for this information to cover the costs of my independent research (I do not receieve any funding from any sources), my time and expenses.

In electronic form (Adobe Acrobat file) the Medical Guide is 71 letter-size pages long and can be printed out. Pay $7.95 and save more than $5 over the cost of the printed version. A password-protected copy will be ed to you. Orders are always fulfilled within 24 hours - usually just a few hours -- but we do have to sleep sometime!

Printed versions are 71 letter-size pages long and printed on premium 28-lb stock with a soft cover. (The content is the same but inside pages are black and white.) $10 plus $3 shipping within the US.

How to order

1) To buy by mail, send check or money order payable to Dr. Suzanne C. Lawton, LLC. Specify electronic or printed version in your order and be sure to include $3 for postage and shipping if buying the printed version. Or fax your order with credit card information to 503-443-2142.

Dr. Suzanne C. Lawton
11825 SW Greenburg Road, Suite A2
Tigard, OR 97224

2) Fax your order using this form.

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The Guide is published for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for seeking available medical care from a licensed professional.


Dr. Suzanne C. Lawton
11825 SW Greenburg Road
Suite A2
Tigard, OR 97223

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