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Perimenopause is the period prior to menopause when a woman's estrogen levels dramatically decline. The primary signs and symptoms of perimenopause may include hot flashes, insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, depression, fatigue, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate and weight gain. My tea focuses primarily on the most uncomfortable symptom - the hot flash, and secondarily on the other symptoms.

During a hot flash, the woman feels warm or hot and may perspire, sometimes profusely. This flash lasts from a few seconds to 3-5 minutes. It is often followed by chills. When a hot flash takes place at night, it is commonly called "night sweats". Some women must change their clothing and bedding each night. In addition, nightly occurrences lead to sleep deprivation and anxiety surrounding the nightly hot flashes. These hot flashes occur in approximately 75% of all women at menopause and may occur in 25% for greater than five years. For most women, the duration is about 2 years.

Conventional medicine has routinely and successfully treated hot flashes with HRT (hormonal replacement therapy). But a recent large and comprehensive study showed that while HRT reduced or eliminated these symptoms, it brought its own complications of increased risks of heart disease, stroke and cancers.

Important warnings

Our perimenopausal treatment plan is not intended to take the place of seeking medical advice and treatment from your licensed physician. Nor it is meant for a treatment for self-diagnosed hot flashes. Nor is it meant as an alternative to seeking help from a local naturopath or qualified herbalist who will be able to monitor the treatment.

Instead, this herbal medicine can be used as an adjunct to your conventional treatment or as a means to decrease symptoms if a Naturopathic physician, Chinese medical doctor, or herbalist is not available. I use these herbs in my office along with homeopathy and nutrition to treat my patients with perimenopausal symptoms.

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Treatment Plan

Natural medicine has been successfully treating both hot flashes and other perimenopausal symptoms for hundreds if not thousands of years. In the West, this treatment includes herbs, diet, stress management homeopathy, and the avoidance of hot flash triggers. Our Happy Perimenopause Tea uses these same herbs. These particular herbal combinations have proven effective for hundreds of patients.

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Though most women's discomfort decreases within a week, it takes about 3 months, sometimes 6 months, to maintain those changes. Some women have persistent hot flashes that will diminish with the tea, but will not completely resolve. For these women, dietary changes and stress management must be adopted to eliminate the hot flashes. This product contains herbal tea for three to four months worth of treatment, depending on the intensity of the hot flashes. It will also include the recommended dietary changes and stress management suggestions.

This product differs from herbs found in health food stores in several ways. First, in herbal medicine, it is important to use the best quality (organic or wild/crafted) fresh herbs to obtain the best results. These herbs are recently harvested by herbalists at the correct time in order to have the maximum medicinal effect. Second, the herbs are rotated so that each month different herbs are employed. Using the same herbs over the period of several months can cause a decrease in effect. Thirdly, these are the same herbs I have used successfully with my own patients.

A three month supply -- enough for 3 cups of tea per day -- costs $49.95 plus $6.95 priority mail shipping.

Your order will include:

  •  A 3-month supply of uterine fibroid tea (3 large bags, one for each month, as shown in photo).
  •  An ingredient list
  •  Medical and traditional references for the herbal ingredients.
  •  Detailed explanation of how to take the herbs.
  •  Q&A for the tea.
  •  Additional treatments to make the tea more effective.
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