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How Naturopathy Can Help
Treat Asperger Syndrome

Though Dr. Hans Asperger identified Asperger Syndrome (AS) over fifty years ago, it is still relatively unknown. Conventional medicine treats AS with an assortment of drugs to treat the symptoms of anxiety, AD(H)D (attention deficit), obsessive nature and depression that can be associated with AS. While this can work well short-term, these drugs aren’t tested or intended for use over decades. People don’t outgrow Asperger Syndrome. And the other downside with drugs are the side-effects even with short-term use.

What I’ve found among both adults and children with AS is that those who rely solely on conventional medications often function the poorest, while those who take a more comprehensive view in the treatment of their condition, do the best.
The most effective way of treating AS is a multi-disciplinary approach including behavioral psychologists/therapists (to diagnose and coach more acceptable behavior), naturopathic physicians (to naturally decrease major symptoms), psychiatrists (to monitor medications if necessary), and healing modalities such as Brain Gym and Cranial-Sacral Therapy to support a healthy brain.

I have had the most success using classical homeopathy, herbs, amino acids and other supplements, and diet and decreasing harmful environmental influences to bring balance to the adult or child with AS.

Classical homeopathy, a 200 year-old medical system, decreases the anxiety, depression, sensory issues, involuntary mannerisms, and the over-reactivity aspects of Asperger Syndrome. In many cases, this allows the child or adult to make significant personal, academic and professional strides. In children, this may mean attending mainstream classes or in the adult making career advances or improving a marriage.
Herbs, amino acids and other supplements can provide daily support to those with AS. Specific herbs strengthen the nervous system and can decrease anxiety. Amino acids work similarly to conventional drugs without the side-effects. Classical homeopathy, herbs, and amino acid therapy are as effective as the physician prescribing them. It takes approximately 10 years to become proficient in classical homeopathy.

A nutritious diet stabilizes the person with AS from day to day. And after years of treating AS, I have found that no amount of either conventional or natural medicine can compensate for a poor diet. And to complicate matters further, not everyone does well on the same diet. For some people, foods like whole grains, nourish and calm the nervous system, while in others it worsens the symptoms. In many cases, there is a food allergy or sensitivity that is making the AS symptoms worse. Your practitioner will be able to provide the appropriate lab test to determine this.

Classical homeopathy, herbs, amino acid therapy and diet work well as the foundation in treating AS. However, each case is unique and does best with an individual treatment plan.


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