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Lifestyle Recommendations for the Prevention of Breast Cancer
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Dietary Recommendations:

Include soy, garbanzo beans, lentils, figs, corn, peas, rice bran, nightshade vegetables, and yams in the diet. They contain phytosterols which have been associated with a decrease risk of breast cancer.

Decrease hormone fed meats or dairy products in the diet. They supply the body with excess amounts of estrogen. Free range meats or organic dairy is fine.

Reduce fat in the diet. Focus on decreasing the kind you can poor rather than the much needed natural fats found in avocados, nuts, and flax seed oil.

Increase fiber (vegetables, beans, and grains) in the diet. Fiber has a protective effect as it aids in estrogen metabolism and excretion.

Avoid sugar. Sugar feeds cancer. Fine to consume complex sugars like moderate amounts of maple syrup, but no white sugar.


General recommendations:

Avoid hormones whether for BC or ERT. While studies vary, one of the highest shows women who are on some form of hormone for 2-5 years have a 38% increase in breast cancer incident over those who do not use hormones.

Learn to incorporate some active form of relaxation in your daily life.

Regular physical exercise. (Some studies have linked lack of regular exercise with colon, breast, and lung cancers.

Supplemental recommendations:

Flax seed oil or fish oil daily. 1 tbsp. of a good quality flax seed oil is preferred.

Take a good quality multi-vitamin.

Melatonin (women with breast cancer have lower levels than women without breast cancer) 1 mg daily for a few months out of the year.



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